About Us

The Marlborough Winegrowers Association (MWG) was established over 40 years ago by elected members of the industry. Wine Marlborough Ltd is 100% owned by MWG and is governed by the MWG Board of Directors. Annual Election Process Information. 

The purpose of Wine Marlborough is to proudly stand up for, and build, the reputation of Marlborough’s wine region.


Providing leadership in times of opportunity, challenge and success.

Future proofing the success of our members. 

Uniting the industry to protect and grow Marlborough’s wine region. 

Building a window for the world to fall in love with Marlborough’s wine region.

We represent 559 grape growers and 147 wine companies Every person or body corporate who produces grapes in Marlborough or grape wine from grapes grown in Marlborough for sale is a Wine Marlborough member. We represent 559 grape growers and 147 wine companies, accounting for over three quarters of New Zealand’s wine production. Membership is automatic through the levies paid to the national wine body, New Zealand Winegrowers (NZW).

Marlborough will be the world’s greatest wine region

New Zealand produces only 1% of the world’s wine, but has an international presence and reputation that far exceeds this. Marlborough put New Zealand on the international wine stage with its exquisite Sauvignon Blanc in the 1980s. This reputation has grown with diversity, world-leading focus on sustainability, and of course a distinctly New Zealand expression in the glass.

Read our Strategic Plan overview to 2023.

We wish to acknowledge the generous support of our committiee members: 


Marlborough Wine and Food Festival:  

Tracy Johnston (chair), Dion Brown, Glyn Walters, Bridget Glackin


Young Viticulturist – Marlborough:

David Bullivant (chair), Jaimee Whitehead, Josephine Maher,  Matt Duggan, Matt Fox,  Nigel Sowman, Anthony Walsh


Silver Secateurs:

Craig Mill, Alistair Mitchell, Marcus Wickham, Jeremy Hyland, James Jones, Richard Hunter

Who we are
The Team

Photo of Marcus Pickens

Marcus Pickens

General manager

Marcus, when not at work is rather obsessed with music, Hi-Fi and high definition audio, cricket, reading, coffee, playing sport with his kids and watching them play sports. In terms of Marlborough wine, he’s drawn to a good glass of Chardonnay and is very interested in sub-regional vs. regional Sauvignon Blanc wines.

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Photo of Loren Coffey

Loren Coffey

Events manager

Born in Marlborough Loren has spent half her life as an Australian, before returning back to the town she calls home. Loren has completed multiple vintages within New Zealand and Australia and has a wide range of experience within the wine industry from production and logistics to marketing and events.

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Photo of Nicci Armour

Nicci Armour

Advocacy manager

Nicci Armour has spent her career problem solving for people and communities; first as a scientist, then in a housing start-up, and more recently establishing an innovation and research consultancy in the Bay of Plenty’s horticulture sector. Originally from a farm in Southland, and then on to Queenstown, Nicci’s wine experience started in Central Otago. Her journey over the last 20 odd years traversed Hong Kong, Brisbane, Tauranga, and has finally landed her and her family in Marlborough. Nicci is keen to dig deep with Wine Marlborough’s members and understand how she can really make a difference.


Photo of Sarah Linklater

Sarah Linklater

Marketing & communications manager

Sarah has brand management experience working for Marlborough wineries. Her family are grape growers and she spends her spare time developing a wine brand.


Photo of Joanna May

Joanna May

Finance administrator

Born and bred in Marlborough, Jo knows just how much there is to love about this region. She is a true advocate of our wine and food and loves nothing more than showing them off to family and friends. While she enjoys all wines, she is most partial to Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.


Who we are
The Board

Photo of Beth Forrest

Beth Forrest

General Manager, Forrest Wines

Beth is a proud second generation family winemaker with Forrest Wines. She says being part of the board provides her with an opportunity to be part of protecting the premium persona of Marlborough wine. “We are a young but world-leading wine region and if we continue to support the drive, passion and enthusiasm of our members we will be here for many generations to come.”

Photo of Tracy Johnston

Tracy Johnston


Davinleigh Vineyards

Tracy is a destination marketer and says Marlborough’s reputation as an internationally acclaimed wine region is a key driver of visitation to the area. “I believe there is greater potential to further develop high-value wine tourism experiences that will both attract visitors and turn them into life-long loyal customers of Marlborough wine.”


Photo of Jamie Marfell

Jamie Marfell

Chief winemaker Stoneleigh

Pernod Ricard Winemakers

After entering the wine industry in 1990, Jamie joined Montana as a trainee winemaker. With a couple of decades now under his belt he has witnessed an industry that has shown unprecedented growth, in both volume and value. “With my experiences in winemaking, understanding of our global markets, and a personal passion for the industry, I want to ensure that Marlborough grows in a sustainable way, ensuring our winemaking community is supported and well informed.”

Photo of Kirsty Harkness

Kirsty Harkness

Managing Director Mount Base Vineyards

Kirsty has been a grape grower in the Marlborough region since 2007. Her businesses also include a photography agency, hemp growing and other commercial interests. Kirsty loves being a part of the Marlborough wine industry, and is excited to see the region develop further in time with focus on quality fruit, land and people.

Photo of Gus Altschwager

Gus Altschwager

A&K Wines

Gus believes Marlborough is a special place to grow wine, a unique offering that is unmatched internationally. He has joined the board to ensure support systems are improved for the local people and businesses that make this region the success story it is. "I would like to ensure we are advocating for key issues challenging Marlborough and that our voice is being heard by the people who can make a difference."

Photo of Anna Laugesen

Anna Laugesen

Craiglochart Vineyard

Having worked in wineries in various wine regions around the world Anna came back to Marlborough where she settled with her husband, a sheep and beef farmer. At the end of 2007 she stepped back into the vineyard side of the industry planting vines. "Over that time the industry has shown us that despite what unforeseen challenges are thrown our way with good governance we are able to meet those challenges. I want to help the Marlborough wine region fulfil its potential and ensure that it is left in the best possible position for future generations."

Photo of Nigel Sowman

Nigel Sowman

NJ & KA Sowman Partnership

Born and raised in Blenheim, Nigel is a 5th generation local who has over 20 years’ experience in the local wine industry. Nigel completed the Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme in 2017 and currently holds roles on the New Zealand Wine Environment Committee, New Zealand and Marlborough Young Viticulturist of the Year committees, NMIT Viticulture and Wine Advisory committee, and contributes to industry working groups.

Photo of Michiel Eradus

Michiel Eradus

Eradus Wines

Michiel has been involved with the wine industry in Marlborough since 2003. During this time he has become, and is still a grape grower, a winery owner and a labour contractor. The last 18 years has shown Michiel how important it is for all three disciplines to work together, or at least respect each-others situation and position.

Photo of James Macdonald

James Macdonald

Hunter's Wines (NZ) Limited

Growing up at Hunter’s provided James with a diverse range of experiences across viticulture, winemaking, bottling and sales. He is now Senior Winemaker at Hunter’s, where they have this year proudly bottled their 40th vintage of Sauvignon Blanc. Prior to returning to Marlborough, James worked as a winemaker in Bordeaux and Australia. These roles gave James appreciation of the vast scale of the global wine industry and the unique position that our region holds.

Photo of Damien Yvon

Damien Yvon

Clos Henri Ltd

Born and raised in the Loire Valley of France, Damien has been the Winemaker and General Manager of Clos Henri for the past 15 years. As a member of the Marlborough Winegrowers Association board, Damien immensely values the opportunity to further build on the great work the board and associated staff have achieved over the years.