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Wine Marlborough Labour Coordinator on the move

Wine Marlborough’s Labour Coordinator is on the move after more than 10 years sharing office space with Work and Income.  The long-standing arrangement has helped many local people into work in the wine industry.

Wine Marlborough General Manager Marcus Pickens said changes at Work and Income at the national level means the arrangement has come to an end.  But it’s not the end of the relationship with Wine Marlborough’s Labour Coordinator relocating around the corner to the Marlborough Community Centre, 25 Alfred Street.

“I’ve been at Wine Marlborough for 10 years and the Labour Coordinator has been at Work and Income even longer,” Marcus said.  “We’re sad to be leaving after such a long and mutually beneficial arrangement, but we’re not going far, and the relationship with Work and Income remains as strong as ever.”

Nicolette Prendergast, Labour Coordinator for the past 5 years, helps to find work for Kiwis, backpackers and anyone else looking for work in the wine industry.  With low unemployment in Marlborough, it can be a struggle to find enough workers.

“The ‘Kiwis First’ policy means I always give first priority to Kiwis,” said Nicolette.  “There is so much work and so much variety in the vineyards these days that I can usually find something for anyone looking for work.”

Nicolette enjoys helping people from all around the world who come to Marlborough to work in our world-famous wine industry.  Nicolette also works with wine companies and contract labour businesses to provide guidance on meeting employment standards and providing pastoral care for workers.

Anyone looking for work in the wine industry can contact Nicolette Prendergast to book an appointment.  Text 027-577-8440, or email

Nicolette is available for registrations Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 a.m to 4 p.m.


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