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Marlborough Viticulture Contractors

Marlborough Viticulture Contractors.

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Below is a list of Marlborough Viticulture Contractors that are either Recognised Seasonal Employers (RSE) or are part of NZ Master Contractors Inc.

Wine Marlborough Ltd and Marlborough Wine Growers does not endorse any of the following contractors. We recommend you complete all due diligence prior to engaging any viticulture contractors or employers. Resources to do this are available here

Recognised Seasonal Employers (RSE)

Ace Viticulture

Alapha Vineyard Services

Ayr Contacting Ltd

Central Contracting Ltd

Focus Labour Solutions Ltd

Grape Worx Marlborough Ltd

Hortus Ltd

J2 Contracting Ltd

Laconic Ltd

Nicholson Contacting Ltd

Pride Vines Ltd

Provine Ltd/Vinepower Ltd

Seasonal Solutions Cooperative Ltd

Thornhill Viticulture Contacting

Vine Craft Ltd Central Ltd

Vine First Ltd

Vinepower Viticulture Management Service

E&E Trading Ltd

 NZ Master Contractors Inc

Vinepower Viticulture Management Service

E & E Trading Ltd

Focus Central Ltd

Focus Labour Solutions

Golden Vineyards Ltd

Nicholson Contracting Ltd

Pride Vines Ltd

Provine Ltd

R.D.S. Services Ltd

J.R. Contracting

SPM Contacting Ltd

Thornhill Horticultural Contracting Ltd


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