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Marlborough Recruitment Survey Report

20 November 2018

Difficult or impossible to fill jobs in Marlborough survey shows

  • It is difficult or impossible to fill jobs of all types in Marlborough according to the findings of a recruitment survey run by Wine Marlborough.
  • Four-in-five employers across a wide range of industries said it is Difficult (28%), Very difficult (40%), or they Cannot fill (12%) vacancies.
  • Jobs for Unskilled staff are difficult or impossible to fill for 62% of employers, while vacancies for Skilled positions (89%), Technical Experts (88%) and Semi-Skilled (85%) roles are even tougher to fill.
  • Employers told us they cannot fill more than a quarter of vacancies for Technical Experts (27%) and the situation is also grim for Skilled jobs with 17% unable to be filled.
  • “When we launched the survey, the cynics said Marlborough only has seasonal and lowly paid jobs” says Vance Kerslake, Advocacy Manager at Wine Marlborough. “The survey shows, 85% of employers have vacancies for permanent jobs and the hardest jobs to fill are for Skilled roles and Technical Experts, the higher paid jobs.  So those ‘myths’ have been busted.”
  • Three-quarters of employers said the biggest challenge was they don’t get applicants from people with the right skills. Employers said the two biggest issues that need to be addressed for the attraction and retention of talent are the Shortage of labour (24%) and Lack of / affordable accommodation (22%).



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About the survey

  • The survey, which was created by the Wine Marlborough Workforce Planning and Development group lead by Sue Whiteley, Group HR Manager at WineWorks, covered 55 employers, with a combined total of 3,757 employees, across a dozen industries, spread throughout Marlborough.

Marlborough Recruitment Survey Report

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